Can someone help with some urgent SIM card errors on my Lumia 925 Windows 8.1?

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Urgent SIM card errors Lumia 925 Windows 8.1

Hello, as you can see, i have a lumia 925 running the most recent WP 8.1 update. Since about the beginning of November, i installed the most recent update at the time. Then after about 7 hours of my phone being in my pocket, i took it out and began to use it by browsing the internet. An error appeared saying no sim card was inserted. I thought then that just taking it out when i got home would work. I did that, but the next day it happened again. I began to become suspicious of the update. Then, one day, i was glad to see a new update, which did not fix the problem. I replaced the sim card, but that didn't work. Ever since then, I realized it only happened when the phone was hot. I think this could be the problem, but i dont know how to fix it. It could also be the update which tells the phone to stop recognizing the Sim card after a certain temperature, though that is unlikely. My phone doesn't get any hotter than it use to, and i really want to be able to use internet for more than 5 minutes again. The problem also happens over WIFI, if that's important. Please help me, as i dont want to get a new phone with warranty.


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Dec 28, 2014
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I am facing the exact same issue on my Lumia 1020. I play candy crush or watch some videos. As soon as the phone heats up it gives the 'sim error'
I know signal is not an issue as other Vodafone Sims on other Android phones just work fine.
Is there any fix for this?

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