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Can WP8.1 sync the start menu across different models?


New member
Apr 19, 2013
Good day all,

I've finally decided to replace the cracked mess that was my Lumia 920 with a Lumia 635 as an interim for the few months before Windows 10 hits the market. When I logged in to my WiFi and Microsoft account everything promptly synced up with my 920 (apps, contacts, pictures, etc.), with the exception of my start screen layout.

As far as I remember when I did warranty returns for my 920 (I may or may not be abusive to my phones...) the start screen was one of the first things to sync to the new device. Does the feature only work across phones with the same model #, or did I just hit a one-time glitch?



New member
Jul 10, 2012
As far as I know, the start screen layout is synced across devices regardless of the model number as long as the Theme sync option is enabled under Sync Settings