Can you play Xbox on a moniter without buying a pc?


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Aug 10, 2018
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I was looking to maybe create a Xbox gaming setup. I was looking through YouTube videos and every website to find the right stuff. Everyone recommended a moniter. But do I need to spend all that money on a pc even though I just want to use a Xbox?

Kieran Jeffery

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Jul 12, 2014
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It's basically down to the size of screen that you want. Sub 32", monitor, anything bigger, TV. If it's strictly for gaming, monitors are perfect. You'll get much better bang for your buck with a monitor. By the time you're looking at a suitable TV for gaming, monitor will be the same price or cheaper.


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May 9, 2012
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@helooboi, as @HeyCori said, FreeSync is the real draw to using a monitor (and you definitely don't need to buy a PC to get a monitor anymore than you need to buy a surround sound component system and speakers to buy a TV). If you're not using FreeSync, then a TV is cheaper for all but the smallest screen sizes.

FreeSync lets the Xbox One S and X (but not the original Xbox One) adjust how fast the screen refreshes to match how fast the Xbox can send images. This allows for faster refresh and avoids "tearing" when lower rates are needed. (Tearing is when the screen refreshes mid frame and can create a visual problem where the the top and bottom of the screen momentarily have images there are out of sync with each other. This is most visible when the whole screen is being redrawn, like while turning around in a FPS.)

In any case, be sure you get at least 4k display, 120Hz refresh rate (or higher), and HDR support. HDR10 is the more broadly available form of HDR, the other being Dolby Vision. Xbox supports HDR10. Microsoft has suggested that they would add support for Dolby Vision, but as far as I know, they have not done this yet, so be sure whatever you buy supports HDR10.

For what it's worth, I use a 65" LG OLED TV, it's 4k and HDR10, but it does not have FreeSync. I've never noticed that I'm missing out, so lack of the FreeSync feature is far from terrible. On the other hand, I love the 65" screen, 4k and HDR. But if I could have gotten a big enough TV with FreeSync when I bought mine, I would have tried to get that feature.

Dan Min

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Aug 5, 2016
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Monitors and displays are the same thing. It was only that TV are forced to be installed Digital receivers as well as radio receivers in order to be sold as TV's. There is no real difference at all.

However as of now the Apple displays are the best no matter what.

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