Cant Decide between Lumia 650 vs Lumia 640 XL


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Jan 26, 2014
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640XL is awesome, but Microsoft stoped giving firmware updates. There are few issues and Microsoft never fixes them. But in terms of features and performance 640XL is better and faster. But only in terms of design 650 looks better.


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Jun 14, 2016
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Using 640 xl from last one year. I have seen it evolve from 8.1 to 10 and can tell you that its getting better. It has a decent hardware and a replaceable battery. Has been one of the best seller for lumia segment. With Microsoft focussing on phones in 2017 i see no reason why this phone will be left out on updates.


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Mar 26, 2015
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640XL is the best of the two. Also, you can incline towards L730. Recently my cousin bought a Lenovo Vibe Camera Phone after his S3 died. I thought Lenovo's camera outperformed mine, well acc. to specs it did. It has Laser AF,OIS,16MPx etc. I did a low light camera test in a virtually unlit room. The result is shocking, L730 was able to outperform Vibe in Camera department. BTW, we both used Pro Mode with Flash turned off.
I didn't think ISO 3200 would be helpful at all, but it did.


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Sep 2, 2014
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I would go with the 650 for the internal storage of 16 gigs. MY guess is as the OS gets bigger the 8 gigs may cause issues. If anything I would wait for some of the OEM units that are coming out. Alcatel idol 4s pro looks like it will be pretty sweet. They aren't that expensive on android but who knows how it will turn out.

If this has the wireless bands you need and you can import it, I would try this. A lot of Japanese people seem to like this phone.

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Kunal Dudwadkar

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Nov 7, 2013
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I moved from a 720 to a 650. I too considered the 640XL but the size was an issue for my hands. Plus the 640xl has a lil cheap build quality than the 650. One of my friend has the XL and even with the memory card she is struggling with the built in 8GB storage as FB, Messenger and all have huge sizes with every update. And for every update that MS pushes, she has to remove apps from her phone to free up memory so that the update can be installed. (Not all apps support use from mem card). Camera wise, both take fantastic pictures. I found both equally good in that dept. Sadly, the 650 has a limit of recording videos at just HD. So in all, the 650 is a built for Windows 10 device with its own pros and cons. Its all about your preference and choice. If buying a 640xl, make sure you buy the 4G version.

Originally posted by pratikgurlani
So i am from India using the legendary L720 on Insider build .494.
I loved that my phone lasted for like 3.5 years but I feel that from last few builds i was compromising my needs for the performance.
Now that my phone is outdated and anniversary update is scheduled next week, i am willing to switch to a new windows phone and I have short listed my choices to Lumia 650 (which i can get around $206.5 in my area on Amazon.)
and L640XL (current price at $152.5 at amazon. Positive point).
And i'm seeking suggestions for choosing between L650 vs L640XL

My daily use goes like
1. I use Adidas miCoach for running for 1 hour every morning.
2. I google a lot. I mean a Lot.
3. I have 25Gigs of music in my SD card and love to listen music for 2 hours everyday.
4. I watch videos on youtube for 30 mins.
5. I often use Navigation during my travel or local commute.
6. OneNote for 30 mins.
7. Would like to do good photography and videography. (13MP vs 8MP)
8. Little or No game. (Compromising till today as L720 has 512MB ram?

My critical concerns for choosing the phone would be:
1. Battery life.
I wish i would never run out of the juice doing all above everyday like a superhero as 640XL has whooping 3000mAh vs 650's 2000.

2.Future update compatibility.
640XL has newer chip compared to 650's SD212.

3. 650 lacks compass.
will it affect my Adidas miCoach runs and everyday Navigation.?

Size is not an issue. But would consider 650 over 640XL if it has no issues mentioned above. I am looking for pure performance.
Please help.
Also, Users of L650 please share your view on above from your experience.

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