Can't recover audio messages from Whatsapp.


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Nov 1, 2014
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Hello everybody

Yesterday morning I was planning to resend some important voice messages that were sent through Whatsapp to one of my contacts, so he sould send them to me on an e-mail, as I can't download those messages directly from my Lumia to the computer.

However, I don't really know what happened, but the Whatsapp in the start screen simply geyed out and I wasn't able to open it. I even restarted like five times and decided to unsinstall it hoping the backup will bring the messages up again after re-installing.

After a few seconds I re-installed, and the app akes me if I wanted to import the backup from my SD, I accepted and all chat history appeared, along with said voice messages. However, when I pressed the play button, none of them will play. I tried resending them, but the app tells me that "This message cannot be resent", so it's impossible for me to transfer them to my computer as I had planned.

It is to note that, previous to the incident, I already had sent 1 message to said contact, and said that it played perfectly and would send it to me once he got home. Also, before the incident all of the voice messages seemed to play normaly

I'm worried I might have lost them forever. If someone knows if there's a possibility to recover them, I'd appreciate their help.


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