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Case/accessory compatibilities?


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Dec 26, 2013
I'm a noob with the 1020 (hell, with smartphones in general). So when researching before I bought it, I guess I took a few things for granted.

The AT&T rep offered a free car charger or free wireless charger. I took the wireless - great idea I thought. I get it home and the thing just blinks fast - i.e. a charging error condition. I look into it and apparently I need CC-3306 charging case. Nice of her to let me know that little gem.

OK, so assuming I get that, it apparently negates using any other case for it. I need this for home improvement job sites. It's not a question of if this will get dropped, just when. So I was going to go with the OtterBox case. I really think that camera lens, as well as the main screen obviously, needs to be protected. And the OtterBox supposedly recesses both of those.

But then I can't use the charging case, can I? And I can't use the PD-95G with either of those 2, can I?

This seems like a fairly serious bummer for me. I'm certainly not going to be switching cases to put it on the wireless charger - pretty much negates (and then some) the convenience factor of it, doesn't it? Doesn't sound like this was all very well thought out.

This might be worth getting, regardless of above.
Luxmo ver. 3 Horizontal Belt Clip Carrying Case #X LPSAMINFBB3HBK

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