Cerulean Windows Phone - What's Happening?


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Nov 20, 2016
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The phone still would have continued working same as any Lumia, HP, Alcatel, etc... Do you believe that Microsoft will just flip a switch and deactivate store access for every existing device? That they will send out an update to brick every phone in use?

The Moment would have been no worse off than any other W10M device.

I'll say it again. Any "guilt" you felt came from within yourself. The other side was simply promoting this project in a positive light. All the ghoulish doom and gloom is/was/and will continue to be problematic for users on this platform. I've never seen the like of it elsewhere. "Heya, my phone is dead, your phone is dead, they're all dead. Let's heap abuse on any effort to make something out of what we have and SHOUT IT DOWN."

If YOU don't have any fight within yourself, that's on you. Not me or anyone else. If you want to scream about the futility and make it a majority opinion, then it becomes self fulfilling.

I feel like I was personally robbed of an opportunity and I'm just a user. Imagine how the folks at Wharton Brooks and Cerulean feel. Betrayed is the most likely answer.

Why would any company support us when we show them anger and resentment for trying?

Enjoy your schadenfreude. The "guilt" comes from your own efforts to make sure just how right you would be in the end. Don't try and transfer that guilt to me or others.

I call bull snot.

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I was just about to write pretty much exactly the same thing.

Well said mon frere.


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Apr 2, 2017
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Could it simply be a move to 64-bit snapdragon that is the basis of this shift?

Or perhaps something as simple as replacing usb-c with thunderbolt usb-c? (Allowing e-gpu, harddrive, network docks, making more of a full PC experience possible)

Presumably MSFT wants some new generation hardware to run its cshell on (which must be due this year), so perhaps FCU is the "last great update" for existing phones and they intend on shifting the hardware standards from there.

Nothing so dramatic as windows on ARM, just a refinement of the 10m platform. They are probably using the new HP device as their new reference hardware, for the new build, and co-developing it, with the existing feature2.

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