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Close Window "X" appears in Edge in Tablet Mode


New member
Aug 20, 2013
I've not seen anyone complain about this, and internet research turned up nothing...

I have a Surface Pro 4 with m3 processor. When I go into Tablet Mode and start Edge, the program works normal...for awhile. After a bit, the Close Window 'X' appears (and occasionally disappears to reappear later). It happens when I use it as a tablet, and it does not matter if I turn on rotation lock. It's annoying because the natural way I hold it as a tablet, my hand is in the upper right-hand corner, and I sometimes accidently activate the close window button. (I know, Steve Jobs would tell me I'm holding it wrong, but still...)

So far, the only workaround is to start Edge with multiple windows open; that way, I get the close multiple Windows dialog box instead of exiting Edge directly.

Any idea on how to diagnose/solve this?

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