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Nov 12, 2013
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I didn't read the whole article but when the first paragraph (regarding the impression of several smartwatches) ends with " For the record, I've liked none. " I wouldn't rely too much on it.
Sounds like the guy who reviewed it just ain't the type for smartwatches so why does CNET let him review them?

Since they gave beats by dre headphones a 4 out of 5 rating I tend to not give a crap about their opinion.


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Jun 20, 2011
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So they didn't like it? Big deal. I'm not crazy about the Band either but many people that own them, love em. Sam Sabri loves his so much, he wrote about it on Windows Central. We are all individuals with individual tastes, don't expect everyone to like what you like. CNet doesn't speak for everyone anymore than Tom Warren speaks for me. He got an iPhone and somehow that spells the end of Windows Phone. Give me a break.


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Nov 9, 2012
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There have been numerous reviews I've come across from various tech sites and most come off with a negative view on the Band. But in most of those reviews, the writers stated incorrect and completely misleading information. Also, it seems a lot of the time the reviewers do not have long-term experience in fitness wearables.
I've used a fitness wearable for over several years. I've used Polars, Garmins, Fitbits, and Mios. I've used optical H/R and chest straps. I've had the Band since release day and I love it. I can admit the fitness data from the device produces different value then from other brands, however if you understand and set a base-line it has all one would need to figure out fitness goals. I love the integration and notifications with my 830 also.


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Apr 5, 2012
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Out of the box, one single aspect of the Band irritated me to no end: it doesn't show the time. Unlike other smartwatches that are always on, or at least pop on when you twist your wrist, the Band stays off until you hit the button on the side. This helps battery life, but a watch that doesn't tell you the time without manual intervention isn't worth wearing, in my opinion.
Thankfully, that's only the default setting. The Band can be made to display the time always in a clean, high-contrast look.

Hahaha.. Is this guy a professional writer?

I also find it very hard to believe that the band broke like he said buckling a seat belt.


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Nov 7, 2014
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- Not comfortable. Yes, it takes getting used to. It certainly could be better.
- Painful? It must be pinching him in a different way - or it's too snug.
- Not waterproof/water-resistant. According to MS, true.
- Time: yes, not with the default setting.
- Time to charge: I just encorprate it with my phone's charge time. Yes, it's longer than a shower, but it's not an issue for me.
- HR accuracy. As a contributor to one of the longest thread in this section - (and referenced in the review) yes, there are problems.
- Durability. I haven't had any problems.

Interesting one of the things not reviewed: the smart watch function. I like sensing something coming in and and a quick look at my wrist says if I can deal with later or if I want to do it now.

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