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CNET "These 6 tablets are the best right now"


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Nov 22, 2012

Laura Knotek

Mar 31, 2012
I'm surprised they included the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, since it is so much more expensive than the others.


Mar 3, 2011
FWIW, they rated the Surface Pro 2 the "best productivity tablet"

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Feb 21, 2012
Someone mentioned in comments that Apple uses a black-list of media. Interesting read.
How Apple's 'Blacklist' Manipulates the Press | Cult of Mac

Is that why CNET reviews rarely mention windows tablets/phones? When they do, the info is often out dated and even wrong.


I think this piece needs to get more publicity. It makes a lot of sense as to why most tech sites kiss Apple's *** so much. However, I've been seeing reaction to that piece here and there and most Apple fans are quite upset and trying to sweep it under a rug.


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Aug 4, 2013
They have the iPad Mini, iPad Air, Nexus 7, Fire HDX 8.9, Fire HDX 7, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014, and Nook HD+. I don't really think it's a bad list. Though I really think both iPads and both Fire HDX tablets should lumped together since it's mostly just a screen size difference.

iPads get the top billing because of the iOS app ecosystem. It's still the best and for most people it's the apps that matter.

Nexus 7 is the best 7 inch tablet.

I'd swap the Fire HDX 7 and 8.9. I'd put the 7 inch in 4th spot because Amazon is charging a $150 premium for just a larger screen. Amazon has a great ecosystem of apps and content.

I'm not a Samsung fan (hate Touchwiz), but the Note 10.1 has a nice pen and digitizer that make it worthy of the list.

And the Nook HD+ is still a great deal, getting a 9 inch tablet with full HD screen for only $150. It's held back quite a bit by the TI OMAP4, but it has Google Play and a micro SD slot.

It's hard to bump any of these out of the top 6 for a Windows tablet. I think I might put the Dell Venue 8 Pro at number 7. If the digitizer was better and/or it had an HDMI port I could bump it into the top 6.

Surface Pro 2 is nice, but it's expensive and bulky, so it's hard to put it near that top 6.