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Coming from 1520/640 to a Lumia 950


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Jul 30, 2012
I wanted to post about my experiences with Windows 10 Mobile going from a 1520 to a 640 and then finally a Lumia 950. Granted, I have only had the 950 for a few days, but I believe I can speak to the experience on it for most users. Let me just say that I've been with Windows Phone from the start. My first device was an HTC Surround and I have had many Windows Phone's since. The HTC Titan and1520 are my favorite devices to date. I really felt like I'd have a hard time with the 6-inch screen of the 1520, but I grew to love it. This is perhaps my one complaint with the 950. I know the 950 XL exists, but it's not on AT&T and will not come according to the AT&T folks I've spoken with. I also understand that not everyone has $700 laying around to buy a 950 XL outright so the 950 will have to do for most. Loving the extra large screen as much as I do, I figured I'd have issues with the 950's 5.2-inch screen. This has not been an issue. The screen is plenty large and may be the perfect sizer for usability and typing.

My 1520's screen cracked a while back so I was forced to buy a 640 go phone for a few weeks while I waited for the 950's release. Let me say that judging Windows 10 Mobile's state by using a low end device is not giving it the entire story. Windows 10 should run well on a 640 and lower end device,and I believe in time it will, but right now a high-powered 950 provides a glimpse at what Windows 10 mobile can be. It's insanely fast and snappy and handles many tasks with ease that the 640 struggled to.

The camera on the 950 is purely excellent. It's fast and takes amazing photos. Enough said there.

The hardware is unassuming, but feels well-built and that display is just beautiful. And enough can't be said about how fast this device charges. The claims by Microsoft are real. The USB type-C cable input is also a huge upgrade. I love being able to plug it in without thinking about whether I have the cable facing the correct correction. I have yet to test out the wireless charging, but I'm sure it's fine.

Windows Hello is a toy. It's a cool idea and may eventually turn into something useful, but right now it;s an interesting demo at best. It works decently, but you have to have the device so close to your face for it to register that it's just not worth the time it takes.

Another small complaint I have is with the volume, power and camera buttons on the side. They feel odd. I'm not sure if it's the material MS used or what, but they had excellent buttons on the 640 and 640XL and they went ahead and changed them and they just feel odd when your hand wraps around the device and grazes them.

Many will ask if the 950 is a device worth upgrading to. I'd say definitely yes if you are a Windows Phone user and want a more powerful device. Everything about the 950 is an upgrade in terms of specs and performance. It's got a good, yet spartan design and takes some amazing photos. Besides, Microsoft is unlikely to release another flagship or "Surface Phone" until mid next year to next fall.

P.S. Come on AT&T. The stock packaging for the 950 is embarrassing for a flagship device. The iPhone gets it's own Apple packaging, why can;t this device.


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Jan 23, 2013
Jumping from Snapdragon 800 + 2GB RAM to Snapdragon 808 + 3GB RAM, it's pretty much an almighty upgrade.....

Congrats and enjoy your new toy! :smile: