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Compass button gray and unusable in Maps, what can I do?


New member
May 30, 2016
Compass button gray and unusable in Maps


I'm making my first post here in hopes of a little help. I picked up a Lumia 950 a couple of months ago and ever since I first booted up the phone I haven't been able to use the compass in Maps. Works fine in other apps such as dedicated compass apps and GMaps. Just went on to do a (somewhat painful) hard reset but still no luck.

Screenshot: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

I know the OS in general and Maps in particular (maybe?) is buggy but I haven't found a lot of posters with this particular issue. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!


New member
Feb 5, 2015
Re: Compass button gray and unusable in Maps

I think this function isn't implemented yet. My compass is greyed out as well and I can remember someone said the maps app is no replacement for HERE maps as long as there is no functioning compass, so, I guess, nothing wrong with your compass.