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Last week I bought a LUMIA 950. Today I plugged it on my computer (windows 8.1) and nothing happened. The computer didn't recognize the phone. What can I do?.
I tried all the USB ports and used the cable that came with the phone but nevertheless it doesn't appear in the listing of devices/windows explorer. However, in the small USB icon (remove safely USB device) in the lower toolbar, when you click on it, it says "eject LUMIA 950 DUAL SIM (RM-1118)...
This is very annoying. I never had trouble plugging Android devices until now. It is very bad that a Microsoft computer can't detect immediately a Microsoft phone! Honestly...
Can someone help?


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Jul 3, 2009
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Have you tried rebooting both devices? Have you tried another cord? Not ALL USB cords are created equal, make SURE it's a data cord NOT a power only cord. Power only cords are usually very thin. Could it be a driver issue? Maybe you need to install a driver or driver kit first?


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Nov 12, 2012
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You may need to uninstall the drivers.

Download this tool: USBDeview

Extract the folder, inside that folder - right click the exe and Run as Admin.

Look over your list of USB drivers and delete any that say Nokia, Lumia or Windows Phone.

Plug the 950 back into the USB and let the drivers install.

FWIW, USB ports are overworked, the sheer number of drivers for devices we see on most computers leads to this occasional borking. I've used this method to solve issues for many devices including WP and Android.

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