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Connecting USB device to Dell XPS 10 Windows 8 RT.


New member
Jul 28, 2014
I got a Dell XPS 10 as a hand-me-down a couple of weeks ago. I got a 64 GB SDXC memory card for it and I absolutely love it. The thing I am trying to figure out is how to connect USB devices to it since it has a microUSB port. The two devices in question are my digital camera (it has an option not to draw power from the USB connection) and my wireless keyboard.

I went to a computer store for a microUSB to USB adapter but all they had was a USB OTG cable (which I already have). Will this work? I ask because IIRC the USB OTG is wired differently than a regular USB cable.

Windows 8 RT has been the first tablet experience I have had (we have owned tablets since 2011) that I can actually say is a full desktop replacement.