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Contact Sharing & privacy

Jason Jones uk

New member
Mar 26, 2013
Ok, to state a few facts...

I have Lumia 920 with MS account (obviously) Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype.

My friend recently signed up to Facebook, only adding me as a friend while I was showing him around. He is now getting regular spams from Facebook asking if "he knows any of these people.", obviously trying to pull him back in.

There are usually 6 of my friends public names & profile pictures in the email.

My concern is that I have noticed that some of these are NOT my facebook contacts. They may be phone number ONLY contacts on my phone, or LinkedIn. How the he11, and where, is fb getting these contacts? Or is it just one of those small print rules that we let them own everything the moment we choose to sign in?



New member
Sep 6, 2011
Facebook doesn't have access to your phone contacts. It is possible that these people are suggested to him for other reasons such as common hometown, workplace or school.