Contacts disappeared after official AT&T Lumia 640 Win 10M Update, what can I do?

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Contacts disappeared after official AT&T Lumia 640 Win 10M Update

So updated the phone to win 10, downloaded the update to .318 updated all apps and when i decided to make a call there was no contacts on the people app.

Some info: My primary account is a xbox account that i created using a gmail adress like 5 or 6 years ago , i don't have a @hotmail, @outlook or @live but i have never had a problem login to microsoft services ( xbox, outlook , hotmail etc) using ****** and the password i used to create my xbox account. When i log to i can see my contacts. Imported my contacts from outllook to my gmail and they show on my phone but not the contacts on my gmail as microsoft account.
got my old Lumia 635 on win 8 reset the phone, did setup, selected microsoft account, ***** contacts are there.

i dont want to restore but no contacts and calendar is ******* me i only use my gmail on gmail for emails but i use my gmail as a microsoft account for my xbox calendar etc please help thanks!!

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