Cortana commands through headset not working while Kinect is plugged it

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My Xbox setup is pretty funky. I have the Xbox in my office, which shares a wall with the family room (where the TV/Home Audio lives). When I want to watch a movie, I plug in the TV's HDMI cable and enjoy a movie in the family room. When I want to game, I plug a different HDMI cable into the Xbox that is hooked up to a gaming monitor.

Because of this, I have a Kinect device that is in a different room that is always attached. Now that we have Cortana, I'd finally like to be able to say Hey Cortana, Record That! while I'm gaming, but for some reason, Cortana won't listen to me through my chat headset. Can you have the Kinect plugged in and still use the headset for commands?

I've already tried disabling the "Use the Kinect for chat" checkbox, that did nothing. Cortana still only listens via the Kinect.

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