Cortana is being weird, nothing else has fixed her. What can I do?

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Cortana is being weird, nothing else has fixed her

First off, I checked my region, settings, updates, bla bla bla. Seriously, I've already bing'd and done my homework. Still need help.

Anyway, Cortana, since installing Windows 10 on my SP3 (main device), is borked. She does some stuff, but her personal side is gone. No jokes, no movie game, no silly replies, etc. All business. And even that doesn't always work.
Examples: "Text <friend in contacts>" works as normal, though I don't get any confirmation, nor any replies. Not sure if I am supposed to.
"Play the movie game" brings bing results for "play the movie game"
"Who is the president of the USA?" prompts Cortana to reply "Barack Obama is the president of the USA."

I also have Windows 10 on some other computers, and on my 950xl. The issue is very recent.

Any help will be appreciated.

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