Cortana not showing all interest news in daily glance


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Nov 24, 2012
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Hey all, so I've been using Cortana since pretty much day 1 and I love her like most people but about a week ago I decided to really use her news capabilities for the daily glance tracking. When I first got Cortana I left her news at the default "Entertainment" which I just read the first 3 highlights and move on, and then I added "windows phone" as an interest to see what articles came up there.

About a week ago I added a couple new interests and I've noticed over the week that not all of them are shown at the daily glance each morning so I was wondering why. I did a search with cortana on the subjects and found news articles on them but they weren't displaying in the daily glance. I did notice though that some would say "posted 12 hours ago" as the latest and perhaps since 12 hours ago was technically yesterday, Cortana thinks they aren't new even though I didn't read it? This may be the case.

I guess my suggestion would be for news situations like this to either still post it in the daily glance, or to at least tell me "No new news detected" (or something more elegant, wordsmith it) and let me still click a "see more news" to go to a search just in case?

As it stands right now from a user perspective I don't know if it's a bug or if she's not telling me because there is nothing "new" to her so I end up having to search it out myself so I think her telling me nothing is new would be a better situation. what do you all think?

P.S. I am so glad that FINALLY the weather moved to the top of the daily glance instead of at the bottom, though low priority request for daily would be to reorder the daily glance cards based on my priorities :) but something simple like that is probably more difficult than it seems, heh.

Silviu Bogusevschi

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Oct 27, 2013
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I do have some issues with displaying interests as well, but not such a big problem. Probably MS are already concerned about this issue.

FYI, the order of weather, interests or whatever is always changing. In the morning you will have the weather and traffic on the top (and ONLY in the morning), while during the day the detailed forecast will be at the most bottom.

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