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cortana still not working in india in windows 10 mobile(10586.318)

Gaurav Sag

New member
Mar 21, 2016
It will work just do a soft reset of your smart phone or you can change location and language


Trusted Member
Apr 4, 2016
on my lumia 730 currently running windows 10586.318

It works for me flawlessly.Do a hard reset and before you set up Cortana go to settings and set up your languages especially Speech language.I have a peculiar thing which works - I have to download and install English UK speech though I have to keep English India as default language for speech .Only then does Speech to text and Cortana work on my mobile (On my laptop English India only works fine).After you set up your languages open Cortana and set her up.
In 8.1 I had English UK as default speech language to enable Cortana,though all other language settings were India because Cortana was not available in English India speech in 8.1.
Do not change your region to any other country because then you will not get accurate search results.
Before I tried this method I had the same problem as you have and no amount of soft or hard reset helped.This worked for me and I hope it will work for you too.