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Couple more questions: People app and printing


New member
Jul 29, 2013
In the People app, is it possible to choose which profile picture is the default for a contact? For example, I have a contact with both a Skype and Twitter username/picture, but the Skype picture is the default. Is there a way to change it to the Twitter picture?

Unrelated, I've noticed the printer settings change depending which app or program I'm in. If I'm in Microsoft Word, Outlook, etc., I usually can get the entire list of printer settings for my printer, change paper size, etc. However, in other apps, I don't get the whole list or as many options. Why is that? Is there something in the settings I need to change?



Dec 27, 2012

People app: AFAIK there is no "easy" or built-in way to do that (i.e. option that says "use Skype image" or "use Twitter image" etc.). You can change the picture by simply cl?cking on it and then choosing any picture that is stored on you pc. So you could save the Twitter picture of the corresponding contact to your drive and then use that...not very elegant but it does the trick I guess ;-)

Printers: sorry, no idea.