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Mar 28, 2011
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So I just got the HTC Arrive on Sprint on Saturday. I've really liked the phone so far, but I'm having a few issues, maybe someone could help me out?

-Every wireless network I've connected to has crashed within an hour or so of my phone being on the network (Home, parents, and work). I'm using Tomato at home, DD-WRT at my parents, and we have Cisco APs at work. At work, it actually killed the whole internet for a few minutes, so I'm kind of worried about this problem... (network shares worked fine, but DNS was broken)

-The reason I switched from my Pre (other than it being on it's death bed) was that I didn't want to have to carry my phone and Zune HD around. Everything works great except for one thing. When I plug my ZuneHD into my xbox360, I listen to all my music on it. Can the Arrive not do that? It wouldn't recognize it at all.

-Snooze is really only 5 minutes?!? Can I change that anywhere?

-LED notifications don't work at all except for low battery. Any where I can change that?

Rich Edmonds

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Dec 13, 2010
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Welcome to the forums M0ngr31, to answer your questions:

- That is extremely weird. It actually crashes the entire infrastructure of the networks? I would pin this on dodgy hardware/software. Could try reset the device completely and try it again, if it continues I would take the device back.

- The Xbox won't pick up the files as it's not detected as a storage device, AFAIA.

- Alarm, right? Don't use it so can't say, will have a look for 'ya.

- Again, can't say as don't have a device with LED.


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Dec 6, 2010
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I use my phone as an alarm and to kind of get around the snooze issue I just have 3 alarms set. One at 5:05, one at 5:15 and then another at 5:30. I do this more because I'm afraid I'm going to dismiss the alarm and fall back asleep. Probably not the ideal solution for you, but it should work.

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