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Crysis 3 runnin on Tablet

Keith Wallace

New member
Nov 8, 2012
No lie, this thing looks wicked-awesome. I'll have to keep an eye out for a Haswell refresh in the latter part of the year, though I admit I'll probably never get once since I might be looking at a new Xbox at Christmas instead. Impressive that this thing can handle it, but I also have a vendetta against EA--I refuse to buy from them since their Online Pass stuff started.

But really, an impressive piece of hardware from Razer, and I like it a lot. They'll need to manage decent battery life while playing games to convince me to get it. One hour while playing a game just won't cut it, while 2 hours (their alleged time with the extended battery) is pushing the low-end of what I'd deem acceptable. I get it's not their fault, and that this takes some SERIOUS power to pull off, but it's still going to take more to get me to throw $1,000+ at it.

I think my IDEAL device, though, would be if Microsoft pulled one of these off as a portable experience for their next console. One thing that has me leery about PC gaming is leaving my Xbox LIVE profile (which is about to turn 10) behind.


New member
Sep 6, 2012
I'd imagine this game running on medium settings, 1280x720 at best. The latest v1.1 patch for Crysis 3 added major optimizations and stability for MEDIUM graphics settings. However, this game still looks slick on medium settings and considering it's a tablet it's still impressive.


New member
Oct 30, 2012
good luck with that. doesn't this defeat the purpose of Crysis - to punish your machine and have the most awesomest graphics ever? I'm all for tablet gaming, but - imho - this is where the line blurs from PC gaming to console & handheld. I'd rather have the ease of loading games from the app store & XBL on a tablet rather than have to rig it up like PC.

That and I don't know if it would be possible for me to play Crysis without 3D :)

Jay Bennett

Resident Developer
Nov 2, 2010
I suppose you could look at it this way: when you're away from your pc with a tablet, would you rather be playing a casual game or Crysis 3? I can personally see times when a casual game is great, but if I could play games of the Crysis calibre I'd choose them 9 times out of 10

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