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Custom Tiles for Windows 10


New member
Jan 15, 2014
In windows 8, I used oblytile for creating custom tiles, and so far the alternatives available for windows 10 loke betterstart menu and CustomTiles dont please me...

Their biggest drawback being constant running in background helper/proxy app.

Does anyone know about the "native" way of making custom tiles for desktop apps? In windows 8 , chrome and opera used to have metro tiles using a tile schema for windows 8. The schema fails to work in windows10. However, on binging and googling i found that there is a tile schema for desktop and metro apps in windows 10, known as 'Adaptive tile Schema'.

Can anyone tell me how can I use that to create metro tiles for certain desktop programs?

So far, i am able to create few modern looking tiles for vuze, ccleaner and whatsapp(web) by simply changing their respective .ico icons to modern glyphs with transparent background..
But my strategy completely fails when creating tiles for games! Games are supposed to have moere better looking, colorful tiles...