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Cyan features on Lumia 820


New member
Apr 13, 2014
Hello guys,
i was a little impatient, so i downgraded my L820 (DP + Update 1) with italian FW. Everything went good, after flashing i did hard reset, then via OTA updated to Cyan and then, via DP updated again to Update 1 :)
My problem is, that i've got no Cyan features. I know that many of them aren't even for my phone, but I thought that at least few of them will be available. The sound settings, brightness settings and the creative studio accessible right from camera roll. These three features shouldn't be hardware limited, or should they? I tried to search answers, but no results :) I'm enclosing screenshot of Bonuses+Info screen. Thank you all in advance.


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Oct 30, 2012
Not available on old devices. Only for new devices. Cyan only gives updated firmware and Bluetooth LE
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