Devise migrated, security processor is not supported, not connecting to the wifi

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I dont know what happened to my laptop because I am not able to chang many of the setting I was before my somputer had an update. Now there are many devices and hardware and software that had migrated to somewhere else when I am not able to saved it because I am no longer the administrator. And it wo t let me stay connected to the wifi. I know the wifi of working because it let's me get on and load the webpage but then it say sthere is no signal even though I am able to stay connected through my phone and through the TV. I think somehow I was hacked by a neighbor or had malware because I feel like I have a custom version and there is a remote device that allows me to access certain web pages but not other and pi t has a lot of popups but the look out of place and I get the same pop up on my phone and laptop and the look out of place and I have a lot of empty folders only laptop but the programs are on my laptop n my phone when I never synced my phone to my laptop ut gu


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Nov 13, 2013
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In all honesty, with all these problems, it may be best to just start from scratch? Are you able to factory reset the laptop completely? That way you start off with a clean slate and you in control. After that, you can set it up as you require.

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