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Did I buy a performance base or ot?

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I regrettably just bought a surface book but now am questioning if I even got the performance base I assumed I was getting. I bought the i7 512GB 16GB / dGPU for about $3500 AUD but the keyboard looks the same as the old model, no recessed keys. Nor can I find any dGPU info in the computer using dxdiag, only Intel HD520.

Overall I'm unimpressed with the book, trackpad is sticky and awful in humid weather, inability to double click the scrollbar to move it etc. makes the SP3 feel like a dream. I'll likely be returning it but would like to know about the dGPU, Microsoft support seemed to have no idea.


May 15, 2013
1) under device manager and under display adapters.

windows key +x -> device manager-> display adapters.

2) In the system tray, there should be a Nvidia Icon from which you can access the GPU properties.

3) This one is pretty self explanatory, the box should indicate what model you got (on the bottom of the box)

If you want to know extremely detailed PC / Laptop information download aida64 extreme from aida64.com, look under display in the "computer summary".

Aida 64 Extreme Screen.PNG

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May 15, 2013
Did you mean Win+x -> device manager-> display adapters?:^)

Ah yes, that's what I ment!

Windows Key + X :grincry: .

Was half asleep when I wrote that post :unhappysweat:

T_T... I think I need more stronger coffee... :grincry::grincry: as I almost editted your post hahahahaha

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