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Do I have a defective Lumia 730?

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is it defective Lumia 730 ?? please help me.

I bought Lumia 730 from Amazon some 20 days ago, I am facing some problems with device. Please tell me whether they can be cured with software reset or update?

1. It restarts. In the middle of something. When using apps.
2. Network+ setings never works, when I open it just closes with flip back to settings.
3. Call quality is worst (tried changing SIMS)
4. Cant open here maps. Stuck at start up logo.
5. Motion data doesn't show up on lock screen( however works in health and fitness app)
6. Heats too much (can't bear on face)
7. Pathetic battery backup.

Amazon has given me 2 more days to decide if I want to return device.
Please tell me asap whether these problems can be solved with software updates or there is something wrong with the device?


New member
May 2, 2015
Re: is it defective Lumia 730 ?? please help me.

This sounds faulty. I'm not sure if it's the software or the hardware (I'd say it's the hardware). You should definitely return it to Amazon.

Amit Mishra3

New member
Mar 10, 2014
Re: is it defective Lumia 730 ?? please help me.

Don't think too much just return it n get a new one... When you've paid for phone then why take hassles?

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