Do I have to have to have Story Remix, or can I avoid it?

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I am on Windows 10 Home.

I do not want an app that takes charge of my photos and videos and "suggests" stories that I might want to put together, and I am not interested in "special effects".

From what I have read, Story Remix is just such an app - busybody software.

I just want a Movie Maker replacement where I make my own decisions. But in its absence, I now have Power Director 15 anyway.

So, can I avoid downloading Story Remix, or shall I be obliged to download Story Remix as part of Creator Update, I am not even clear on whether I shall be obliged to download Creator Update or whether this is an option for those who want it.

I have not seen a clear, simple mission statement for Creators Update or for Story Remix.

Guidance would be much appreciated.


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