How do I avoid making a Windows setup lame and boring?


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Apr 2, 2017
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Kids & young girls don't give a crap about Windows devices. Trying to force them down their throats is a waste of time.

My mate has daughters, and both of them use windows devices. One uses a 360 laptop and is a teen and the other a child and uses a windows tablet, mostly for watching youtube kids.

I mean maybe at a young age, they don't care whether it's android, or ios, or windows, but if they know how to use it, they can certainly enjoy it. I think you'll find if you ask the OP, or they reply, their teenage daughter will be using the windows device she has.

Certainly young women and very young kids have less attraction to windows devices than say, teenage boys. But for a kid, there's really not a lot of difference between any kind of tablet or laptop, they all do the stuff they want to do; kids games, youtube, music etc.

That said, my millenial ex spent her entire childhood playing classic rpgs, various games, and now knows how to code. Even with trends and stereotypes it pays to be careful. Sometimes encouraging someone into tech can be a whole career. And some young women thrive on technical, or 'typical boy' stuff.

If her dad had thought 'oh she's a girl, she won't be interested in this stuff' she wouldn't be a coder and highly talented natural sciences grad.

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