Do you guys agree?


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Nov 3, 2011
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No. I do not.

I think the author is a tech geek that is fascinated by the novelty of 3D gesture based input. I think that is, by itself, rather worthless. What will matter is how the feature is integrated into the OS and what types of usage-scenarios it enables that are both desirable and UNIQUE to WP. The author is assuming that the average Joe will view 3D gestures as both very useful and unique, to the extent that it's worth getting a WP over a more familiar/safe/mainstream alternative. The author just doesn't explain why. Until someone does, I will remain sceptical. As long as it's just an alternative way to tell you smartphone what to do, I suspect most people will think: "well, I can do the exact same thing with my iPhone/Samsung, just not in quite such a fancy way". That won't work. That isn't good enough. I think the only way I'd be wrong about this, is if the device's ability to sense your hand/fingers leads to applications we haven't thought of yet. Applications that go well beyond new input mechanisms, that are also easily demonstrated on TV and in stores.

I'd love to be proven wrong however! ;-)

I also disagree that slow and steady wins the race anymore. These days, you need to be fast and steady. Apple is slow, just like MS is. Apple just exploited a huge head start. Google is fast, but not steady, and neither is MS. I do believe however that MS is improving faster in both areas than the competition.

I think having the same features on smartphones, tablets and desktops, and being able to run consumer friendly metro apps on all three, is more important that 3D gestures, it's just that it won't be until early next year (or whenever WP9 is released) when we'll see the very first implementation of that vision become reality.

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