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Do you prefer in-your-face or understated gaming gear?

Al Sacco

New member
Apr 29, 2008
If you're perusing this forum, you're likely a fairly active PC gamer. And if you're an active PC gamer, you likely know that there are a lot of, shall we say ... "wacky-looking" gaming peripherals out there today. I'm thinking mice and keyboards that have nearly as many blinking lights as the Vegas Strip.

That's all fine and good, and clearly lots of folks love this stuff. But it's not for everyone. Personally, I definitely prefer the understated look. But that's just me. Are you a blinking-lights kind of gamer? Or a black-on-black sort of person? Why or why not? Taking it a step further, what are you favorite, and most unique, gaming gadgets?


New member
Mar 25, 2015
Great question.

I would say I’m right in-between.

The mouse itself doesn’t have to be RGB or anything, I tend to buy mice that are just very clicky, super responsive, and has a changeable DPI for sensitivity.

Keyboards on the other hand are a slightly different story.

In the past few years I’ve been a fan of LED keyboards, they look amazing, especially during darker work environments. I feel like I couldn’t type without one.

I currently have no and don’t plan on getting any custom RGB mousepads or anything, I don’t feel a need for one.

Other than the mouse and keyboard, the only other thing I have that has an led is my GPUs red MSI logo, which that is I would say something I didn’t necessarily expect when buying it, but it’s good to have around I guess.


New member
Aug 11, 2013
I like the understated look, but don't mind LEDs. I've got a Steelseries mouse, which has quite a minimalistic and classic look to it, but it also has RGB LEDs in the scroll wheel and in the Steelseries logo on the back. I have it set up slowly cycling through all of the colors :D

I don't really like the overly "gamery" look, when peripherals start to look like something that would belong in the Transformers movies.

Black on black is nice, but some color doesn't hurt either (I've got a bright orange headset to offset the rest of the things :D)


New member
Nov 2, 2012
I'm into all black. Flat or satin black. Hate all that light up crap and wacky designs to make everything look like a Lamborghini.

I tried to make my machine as understated as possible... but the damn video card ruined it. That and the RAM I wanted didn't have Black in stock. Oh well. I guess that's why I really like Thinkpad business designs.


Jeff Merritt1

New member
Feb 1, 2013
Minimal. My setup is very clean and minimal. Although, I do have a green glow eminating from my PC due to my GTX card...I kind of like that...as far as anything flashier...maybe...that Snowblind case is pretty rad.

2018 is the year I upgrade my Case, PSU, and MoBo...so we shall see.

Moses D

New member
May 31, 2016
a few years back i so was against RGB peripherals but just this year I built my new PC and most parts came with RGB lighting and now I'm in love with it. just looks different instead of the boring plain look I've had for a long time.


Trusted Member Team Leader
Aug 19, 2013
I can take or leave the RGB keyboard and Mice. I prefer to make the case more flashy than anything.

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