Does news and photos still show for ALL contacts in the WP 8.1 People Hub? Don't in Windows 8.1 PC


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I still have a WP 7.8 device. I was planning to upgrade next month to an 8.1 phone. I just got a Windows 8.1 PC however and most of my contacts in People do not show pictures from Facebook or newsfeeds. It says there are no photos or the person chose not to share their photos with Windows People. Since my WP 7.8 still shows all content fine I don't understand why the People Hub on the 8.1 PC can't see it. Being able to see all twitter and Facebook posts for people and groups in the People Hub and on their live tile is THE reason I have windows phone. Is this just a Windows 8.1 PC issue or does the 8.1 phones have the same problem?

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