Does the WhatsApp with Data Sense have a background usage restriction?


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Oct 27, 2014
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Using WhatsApp with Data Sense background usage restriction

Hello. I have put 'Restrict background data usage' to 'Always' in Data Sense. I've done this to make sure I know what data gets used, and that no apps [without me knowing] is using data.

However there is a problem with WhatsApp. It refuses to start when this option is on, and says that the setting needs to be changed. I've already searched for answers and people have had success by turning this option, including data limit, to off (just like how the app says when it doesn't want to start).

But that kills the idea of Data Sense and restricting background usage. I am aware that I won't get push notifications like this, but I don't mind since the important thing is to restrict background usage. It is very important to me. Unfortunately the app won't work that way.

The only way for it to work is to turn *off* Data connection in Settings>Mobile+SIM (the app would open normally), write a message to somebody, and turn data connection back *on*. The message would be sent even though WhatsApp would again refuse to start (I've tested this myself).

So is this some WhatsApp problem? I know I won't get notifications when background data is off but I don't care anyway, since I don't want background usage. I think this is WhatsApp's problem and they need to fix it.

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