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Does win10 ever go FULLY idle anymore?


New member
Dec 26, 2022
Been watching Task Manager lately (sorted by disk use) and it seems like my system NEVER goes fully idle.

Essentially, I leave my laptop on for days, hard reboot, whatever, and there is ALWAYS some cpu and hd activity, even when I'm literally doing nothing but staring at TM after a fresh reboot with nothing else started.

Usually its the system kernel, message log, registry and antimalware services that are trading off being active for up to a few seconds at a time, between 1-5% usage shown on TM usually, but then it also triggers defrag and a bunch of other win services every so often, spiking all the way up to 100% on both cpu and hd.

Is this typical of win10 now? I feel like I remember previous windows versions actually going to full idle after a little boot up time.

Usually the answer is no. You want to spend time on your core domain and reduce time on anything that isn't unique to the new solution you're creating.
Jun 9, 2021
I suggest you to closely monitor "Task Manager" that which specific programs are constantly running and hungry. Google it maybe you had some hidden malware running in the background. So be specific because i had lots of computers and laptops with windows 10 in my lab and when i found them a lit bit resource hungry then find that specific culprit and get rid of it.

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