Duplicate music, photo, video files - vote now


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Aug 1, 2013
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I've finally managed to get rid of the duplicates that were showing on my 820. For me, I was using an SD card to store all my music and photos, but this might work for duplicates on phone memory too:

1. Connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable.

2. Take a backup of everything on your SD card (or phone memory) onto the PC. Do this by navigating (I was using a Windows 7 PC) to Computer > Your Phone Name > SD Card (or phone memory) and then copying the relevant folders to a backup folder on your PC.

3. Use the phone to delete ALL your pictures and music from the phone. You may get a message from the phone about not being able to delete some items, don't worry about this.

4. On the PC look at the files on your SD card (or phone memory) and check that they have now gone. If not, delete them off of your phone through Windows Explorer. (For me, even though the phone had shown some of my photos as deleted, they were still on the SD card). You should have the backup of them still on your PC so don't worry.

5. Check your phone is now showing blank music and photos.

6. In your backup folder on the PC look for photos created using the special Nokia camera lenses (such as Smart Shoot) that have extra files with them such as a .nar file. I recommend moving these images and their associated .nar file out of your backup folder to somewhere else safe for the time being as we don't want to copy these back to the phone (I have a hunch they are causing indexing problems!).

7. Now copy your remaining files back from your backup folder onto the phone.

8. Have a look at your phone to check the results and hopefully all is well.

Now it is only a hunch at the moment but I have a funny feeling my music duplicated after opening Nokia music (usually I only use XBox Music) and the photos started duplicating after saving a Smart Shoot file, as I say, just a hunch at the moment though.

Alex Gordon

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Mar 13, 2013
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Duplicate music, photo, video files - vote now still problem om Lumia 1520

Microsoft can not offer, so far, reliable sync solution between Win PC (MAC ?) and Win Phone.

First, they have removed sync with locally installed office outlook,/contacts now there no reliable way to sync files between PC folder XYZ & Win Phone folder XYZ. Who care what inside: music, photo, docs, whatever, just sync damn list based on file name , date & size different. Nop. Plus there no data encryption enabled unless you are corporate user.

Looks like Microsoft internal politics is going kill already not so alive phone

Ann Brand

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Feb 3, 2014
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This works until you add one more song, then duplicates again.
I'm not doing all this stuff every time I add a song.

It's a disgrace it hasn't been fixed in over a year.

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