Edge Dev Preview - Options & More (three little dots) not responding on touchscreens

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Since early this week the canary build, and now since yesterday (Friday) also the dev build of the new chromium edge preview do not open the options & more context menu (three little dots in the top right) when using touchscreen input. With a physical mouse or touchpad it works just fine. It only doesn't work with the touch over the touchscreen. I am using a Surface pro 5. So edge is not usable without attached keyboard anymore. I also tried reinstalling but the issue persists.

So: Can anybody confirm, if they are having the same issue? I would like to make sure if this is a actual issue of the current build or if i messed up something.
Also does someone know if it is possible to rollback to a previous build of the dev preview? I don't think so, but the chromium edge is so much better than the original that i switched mostly to it and this issue completely breaks my workflow, so it would be fantastic if a rollback would be somehow possible until microsoft manages to un-break it again.

Looking forward to your answers

Cheers, D


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Nov 13, 2013
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My Edge Chromium Dev ( works just fine. When I click the three dots it acts as it should and I can access all the menus. Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling it?

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