Error 0x80072F78 while downloading the updates on MS published Apps

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I bought Lumia 650 last week at store in India. And, have been having the same issue since Day 1. I get an error 0x80072F78 when I try to update any of the MS Published apps through windows store that shows up as update available. Am on OS Build: 10.0.10586.218. Anybody else facing the same issue? Have been following up with Microsoft Support for the last 5 days but, they are hardly able to respond on this. Have tried following options already:
1. Changing the Date and Time setting from Automatic to Manual, soft reset and verified. This did not work.
2. As suggested by Microsoft, did Hard Reset through Settings. This did not work
3. Ensured that the Account is in sync. This did not work.

Further, as I said above, this is only on the apps and settings which show Microsoft as the publisher. Am able to comfortably download third party apps though. Any suggestions please?

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