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Error 0x80073CF9 downloading apps 10166 and 10512


New member
Dec 18, 2013
A week ago I installed 10166 and in the process did a full reset.
Discovered that a couple of apps would not install. They all failed with 0x80073CF9 error.
Tried rebooting and installing again without any success.

Yesterday I got 10512 and this issue is still bugging me.
Gabriel Aul mentioned this in a comment about 10512...
(Can't post link due to stupid rule about link posting and 10 posts)
"Some apps may fail to update through the Store with the error code 0x80073cf9; uninstalling the application and reinstalling it will resolve this issue."
But his suggestion to reinstall it again does not work. In fact the apps are missing from the phone so it's not an update it's an installation.
Have anyone had any success fixing this?
I even tried to log in to the old WP8 store to see if I can somehow uninstall it from there but when clicking on the app I get redirected to the wp10 store with an error.

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