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Dec 13, 2013
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After being unable to unlock my Nokia 1520, I spoke with the FCC they advised me it is voluntary at the moment no carrier is 100% obligated to unlock till a law is passed.
But she advised me that everyone should file a complaint with the FCC and they will serve at&t. that in its self can help make things easier I will be doing that tonight and everyone should.
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Apr 27, 2011
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While no carrier is 100% obligated, for all practical purposes Verizon is obligated. The reason is that it is part of 47 CFR 27.16 (specifically subparagraph e) which governs the LTE band that Verizon has leased. Any phone that uses Verizon's LTE band cannot be locked to a carrier. So while Verizon could still put out a 3G phone that could be locked, I don't think they have any, do they?

47 CFR 27.16 - Network access requirements for Block C in the 746-757 and 776-787 MHz bands. | LII / Legal Information Institute
[NOTE](e)Handset locking prohibited. No licensee may disable features on handsets it provides to customers, to the extent such features are compliant with the licensee's standards pursuant to paragraph (b)of this section, nor configure handsets it provides to prohibit use of such handsets on other providers' networks.[/NOTE]


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Feb 9, 2013
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The FCC Chairman recently forced the CTIA's hand when it comes to phone unlocking,
(he pretty much told them, either you do it on your own or I'm going to make you)

however the policy is yet to be fully implemented
in the near future, it will be OBLIGATORY for carriers to unlock handsets provided that both the handset and the customer meet a few requirements

Attached I have included links to both the letter sent by the FCC to CTIA as well as an article further explaining the new policy

As hopmedic stated, nearly every Verizon device sold now comes unlocked due to the aforementioned provision as part of their spectrum deal
however, shady Verizon rears its ugly head again, as most devices lack the ability to add a new APN without root (although this has changed for some devices)

Letter from FCC Chairmain - http://transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2013/db1114/DOC-324166A1.pdf
Article on point - FCC FTW: wireless telcos agree to more consumer-friendly phone unlocking policies

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