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I have a nokia lumina 635, i bought it as a prepaid at T-Mobile. I had bought a Nokia lumina 1520, and had loaned my 635 to a friend. this friend inserted his family mobile sim and he used it awhile. i bought the phone outright (635), and since 2014 it has been in continual service (no commitments, no package obligations, etc.) He gave it back to me. he took his sim out, and is now using it in his new phone. I went to Cricket to install thier service, and they said it has to be unlocked before they could finish thier installation of my Cricket wireless service! I went online watched ALOT of videos, applied for unlock codes at various sites, etc.; all of this was to no avail, until I went back to the original place of purchase, reciept in-hand, and only then did I get a/an unlock code! My problem is that when I power up the phone it asks for the unlock code. The code T-Mobile gave me is twenty digits long, and it only allows me to enter 10 digits. I tried just plain entering in the remaining numbers, ignoring the fact that i could not see the last ten digits being accepted. and of course the procedure was fruitless. does ANYONE out there know of a solution to my problem? Email me <redacted> Thanks!
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Nov 12, 2012
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20 digits is the correct # for an unlock code.

I'm not sure how you are trying to apply the code. Here is the preferred method when you don't have a SIM inserted that triggers the unlock screen.

Open the phone dialer and dial ##7820# - you don't even have to press call, it just takes you to the unlock screen that shows a Padlock in front of a SIM. In the entry field input your 20 digit number and the check mark goes from grayed out to lit up. Press the check mark.

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