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Nov 4, 2020
Hi Everyone, I've decided to name myself CaveWindowsWoman, but my name is Mary lol. I've been mooching info off this site for at least 6 years of my life, I'm a lifelong Microsoftie and ashamed that I am just now registering as an official user ! I have an Xbox, and both my computer's are HPs running Windows10. Just so you know, I too do. NOT like that the surface Duo runs android, I personally think it's a punk move, and agree with many that it's just lazy being that there's SO much transitional technology out here that I've found through this forum. I've had a Nokia Lumia 635 since 2014, but I've been forced to get a Nokia 5.3 that I found by sheer accident because I thought Nokia stopped making phones and pulled a Nexit ( I'll let myself out ). I looked at OnePlus, Pixel, and HP Elite, but just couldn't bring myself to that price point, nor can I get rid of my Lumia. This Nokia only cost me a little less than $300, it has 4 cameras and the look is amazing. I'm also on AT&T if that even matters. Anywho, nice to meet everyone !


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