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FLAC media player support?


Nov 6, 2013
Are there any media players for Win10 Mobile that support FLAC files? I just had my Cowon S9 die and I've been looking into other players but I keep seeing that Groove on my Insider Preview Lumia 925 plays FLACs. Just wondering if there isn't another player with different UI, that's all.

Ma Rio

New member
Sep 28, 2013
Not sure about other players since I don't use them. They're mostly bad. The only good one is VLC, and it does play FLAC. However I think you can only download the "old" app (for WP8.1), but they're making a UWP app, and it should release soon-ish.
But I'd suggest sticking with Groove. It looks the best, it works the best, no reason not to use it.