for those who think they have lost their files after upgrading to windows 10

Lu Wang1

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Dec 3, 2015
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I had the situation that I did not back up before I upgrade my system from windows 8.1 to windows 10.
The first look at the win10 system, I was shocked because I have no where to find all my working files.
Later on I figured out that the files are saved and located in the C drive-> users-> myname folder.
So I did a backup immediately after because I don't want to be stupid again
when I finish and click the power button, it says update and restart. I just wanted to check out what will be updated for. when it was done and restarted, eveything like my desktop files and whatever, they are back there again. everything (i mean files and stuff) looks just like before updated win10, excepting the system itself is already win10.

so this is my experience. 1. do back up. 2. if you find your files are lost, don't get panic. 3. try to find the files back and again do back up 4. complete the update and see how it will be

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