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Forced Windows 8.1 Update 2 Install On Lumia 635 RM-1005 (SKU:S561A)


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Jul 6, 2016
Hello folks! It's a pleasure for me making this thread.
So 2 week ago i swapped my Lumia 635 from SP because my old 635 died on my pocket without unknow reason :( sh*t i miss my phone, but know i have a new one and trying to stay ok with my phone installing apps, updating i just figure out i've missing features on my phone, like equalizer, factory reset protection, denim update and much more things, so i started checking info on internet, searching why my new one do not have these features, its a shame.

At least all lumia 635 are getting denim but this Lumia its getting only updated Extras and Info App with denim flag, why this Happens?

My old Lumia 635 wih SKU 6599A have Firmware 02173.00000.15154.50010 so this is the POSTPAID AT&T Device
and My New Lumia 635 with SKU 6561A have Firmware 01061.00070.14246.29017 and this is the PREPAID AT&T Device.

AT&T is not updating PREPAID devices? it's okay :evil: we don't need them. :grincry: :grincry: :grincry:

So my friends you are knowing something might be work for you in any case...

Only we need is take somes steps from this guide, of course this thread is for you.

1. Install Windows Device Recovery Tool on your Windows PC
Here: WDRT

2. Your RM-1005 Device and Lumia USB Cable or Any USB you expect is working.

02173.00000.15154.50010 Download this Firmware version
Download these files:
Download: RM975_059W380_02173.00000.15154.50010_084.vpl
Download: RM975_02173.00000.15154.50010_RETAIL_prod_signed_1035_021471_ATT-US.ffu

4. Save the files on desktop in a folder with name update 2
Make sure you device is regconized by your PC before setting up all these things

5. Connect yur device and start flashing
-*Open CMD as Admin
-*the cd "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Care Suite\Windows Device Recovery Tool" command if the operating system architecture of the computer is 32-bit ;

-*the cd "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Care Suite\Windows Device Recovery Tool" command if the operating system architecture of the computer is 64-bit.
-*Copy and modify the thor2 -mode uefiflash -ffufile "%HomePath%\Desktop\Update 2\name of the firmware here.ffu" -do_full_nvi_update -do_factory_reset -reboot command, where x is the name of the FFU file previously downloaded.

-*Copy the modifiy command and past it to the command prompt, then press the Enter button from the computer keyboard.

-*The package installation being. Wait that the installation is finished. The Microsoft Lumia device or the Nokia Lumia device reboot normaly to out-of-box experience.

so that all you need to know...

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