Found this article on Reddit about Windows Phone's direction

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Liam Bryce

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Jul 24, 2013
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Article in question: Windows Phone: the undead platform | ini0n

Key quote: "The issue with Windows Phone is Microsoft is too stubborn to let it*die but not willing to expend resources to make it viable. Microsoft hasn’t seriously pushed it since the end of Windows Phone 7 as by then it had become clear the platform wasn’t going to blitzkrieg to 13% (as some analysts predicted). The platform ekes along at the edge of relevancy in a weird quasi state."

Anyway it resonated with me as I wish MS just communicated better about the future of the platform. I want to stick around but not if they'll just can it soon or ignore it. Thoughts?


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Nov 3, 2011
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This blogger is mistaken on a couple issues, but I'll only address your key quote.

The idea that MS is too stubborn to let WP/WM die is complete BS. Not only is this blogger making the common mistake of attributing human traits to companies (stubbornness), but he/she is also ascribing it to the one company that is most well known for dropping any technology or product like a hot potato the second it no longer seems to constitute a viable business venture (Kin/Zune, Silverlight, countless other developer technologies and frameworks, IE, and dozens more). Calling MS too stubborn to drop anything is quite ironic.

The truth is that W10M serves a strategic purpose that this blogger fails to understand or even see.

I touched on that topic in post #10 here:

That blogger just can't get past the idea that WM is about selling smartphones. It's not. It hasn't been for at least a year now.

I'll be closing this thread since we have many others already discussing similar issues.

P.S. Oops... sorry... another mod beat me too it.
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