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Freezes on lock screen and restart


New member
Oct 26, 2013
I bought my Surface 2 today and I've already been having a whole lot of problems. Whenever my device goes to sleep it freezes. Sometimes if I press the power button enough the display might turn on but from there it is stuck in the lock screen unable to be unlocked. It's not necessarily frozen as the clock still works it's just not responsive to any input. Another problem I have been having is whenever I restart the device due to updates or just manually the device again freezes with the screen off and is completely unresponsive. The only way I am able to get the device working is by holding the power button down for 10s to power it off then restart it. I have factory reset the device to no avail and installed all the updates both times also to no avail. This is really annoying and I can't ring the Microsoft support till Tuesday due to it being a public holiday here on Monday and the store I bought it from won't let me return it until I have.

If anyone has any ideas on what could fix this that would be awesome!

Also on top of the other problems there's a stuck pixel on my screen which I notice every time I have restart the device (Which is a lot).