From 8.1 to 10 - Help with some issues


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Nov 30, 2015
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I am a tech dummy, so these may be easy and caused by user error.I'll probably use some incorrect terms as well. Anyway, here goes.

On my 920, when I hit back, any apps or tabs would close. Now, if I return back to home, then long press back, all those apps and pages still appear. Same with hitting tabs - they are all there. Is that normal for 10? Can I change that?

In 8.1, the song identifier thingie was right there in search. Now, I can only find it if I use Cortana, and I'd like to not use Cortana. Help?

Is there a problem with NFC? My 920 made paring with Bluetooth on my TDK and Nyne speakers so fast and easy. Now, even with NFC on, the pairing seems about as lousy as my 920 without NFC turned on. Help?

ATT people handled my contacts transfer. Now, there are like 4 versions of every contact. Do I have to go in and manually delete 2,3 and 4?

Custom sounds for texts for an individual contact is not working. Known bug?

Other than that, I love my 950. Especially on speaker phone. Sounds as good as a landline.

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