From Ativ S to Nokia 920, Is it worth it?


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Sep 16, 2013
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I replaced my UK Ativ S 2 days ago, however, now with GDR2 and lack of support and apps from Samsung, Im not sure if I should switch to a Lumia 920 and could do with some advice from the community.

My reasons are:
- Ativ S has an awful speaker with very low ringer and text message volumes, I sometimes miss calls.
- Since GDR2, my music/playlist syncing on SD Card is broken (2 or 3 tracks repeated, empty playlist), but is ok on the Phone storage.
- Camera is OK but sometimes blurry, so not an amazing Cam.
- AMOLED screen is a bit over saturated and unreadable in sunlight.

However, what Ive read about Lumia 920s, even after GDR2 update (Are these still true as of GDR2)..

Nokia music is still broken.. same issues as Im having above with the ativ sd card.
the 920 still randomly shuts down and crashes on basic tasks like phone calls and music sync.
Phone signal and wifi drops out randomly.
Sudden battery drains.

Im attracted to the Nokia because it has 32GB onboard , which is enough for me, useful Nokia apps, great sound and louder ringer volumes - apparently.
Great camera.. and of course, looks lovely.

I do love WP8, the best OS in a long time, I just cant decide whether to stick on Ativ S or 920.

Thanks :)


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Jul 27, 2013
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I played with 920 in a store. It is ok, I liked it but I finally decided for my Ativ S, even if no carrier sells it here. As a personal opinion I choose Ativ over Lumia (already did anyway). But I have to agree with you about the support and apps part. I mean really, Nokia and HTC made an app, something that addreses the "other storage issue". At least they released something. But nothing from Samsung yet.

Yew Ming Leong

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Aug 24, 2013
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depends on your priority.
the ringer doesn't seem low for me. but my phone is always silent
i dont have GDDR2 so i dont have music issues.
i couldnt care less for pictures as long as it takes pictures.
and i love the amoled screen.

so it all boils down to your needs.

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