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Gadgets app & Cortana issues


New member
Jun 24, 2012
Hey all couple questions, since the anniversary update my gadgets app is broken. Can get into it but fails to do much else like deleting will say it has and as soon as I go back in it claims they are all still there and connected even when switched off. Have looked in the store and lots of people having an issue also, is anyone else?

Cortana couple issues one when using quiet hours set Cortana to send a message to anyone not in the breakthrough list but instead of giving my name she will just send the person blah blah and this is still the case after hard resets and using the recovery tool. Has anyone else noticed this?

Also hey Cortana keeps stopping no matter if its switched on etc she will not listen until I do the learning feature again. Same as other issue I have tried resetting etc. Again anyone else with the issue?

Thanks in advance for any replies